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Year Winner Loser Notes
2461 Darkside Cowboys Chaos All-Stars  
2462 Dwarf Giants Reikland Reavers  
2463 Vynheim Valkyries (Norsca Rampagers) Reikland Reavers  
2464 Gouged Eye Dwarf Giants  
2465 Middenheim Marauders Southstorm Squids a
2466 Champions of Death Vynheim Valkyries (Norsca Rampagers)  
2467 Chaos All-Stars Shiretown Stuffers  
2468 Evil Gits Reikland Reavers b
2469 Severed Heads (Orcland Raiders) Middenheim Marauders  
2470 Galadrieth Gladiators Gouged Eye  
2471 Reikland Reavers Dwarf Giants  
2472 Artic Cragspiders Reikland Reavers  
2473 Gouged Eye Dwarf Warhammerers  
2474 Vynheim Valkyries (Norsca Rampagers) Gouged Eye  
2475 Oldheim Ogres Reikland Reavers  
2476 Creeveland Crescents Greenfield Grasshuggers c
2477 Skaven(blight) Scramblers Middenheim Marauders  
2478 Skaven(blight) Scramblers Gouged Eye  
2479 Reikland Reavers Lustria Croakers  
2480 Elfheim Eagles Nurgles Rotters  
2481 Darkside Cowboys ???  
2482 Bluchen Berserkers ???  
2483 Severed Heads (Orcland Raiders) Reikland Reavers  
2484 Dwarf Giants ???  
2485 Reikland Reavers Darkside Cowboys  
2486 Champions of Death Dwarf Warhammerers  
2487 Reikland Reavers Vynheim Valkyries (Norsca Rampagers)  
2488 Darkside Cowboys Reikland Reavers  
2490 Severed Heads (Orcland Raiders) ???  
2491 Reikland Reavers Middenheim Marauders  
2492 Skaven(blight) Scramblers Evil Gits  
2493 Middenheim Marauders ???  
2494 Flesh Hounds ???  
2495 Gouged Eye ???  
2496 Athelorn Avengers ???  
2497 Naggaroth Nightmares (Nightwings) ???  
2498 Grudgebearers ???  
2499 Reikland Reavers ???  
2500 Warpstone Wanderers ???  
2501 Champions of Death ???  
2502 Caledor Dragons ???  
2503 Flatlined Annihilators Altdorf All-Stars *
2504 Mordredds Apocalypse Haidhausen Rockets *
2505 Conquerors of the New Worlds Rocky Horror BB Show *

A) The 2nd edition BB Companions lists the winners as the Marauders over the Squids, but due to a spell that was cast after the game the decision has been reveresed a few times (read the companion for more info. Also to add more confusion, the Valkyries have been listed as winning it in this year and from 3rd edition on they list the winners as the Worlds Edge Wanderers. Your choice, who you believe won it.. damn spells ;)

B) Again, from 3rd edition onwards they changed the winners to Nurgles Rotters over the Naggaroth Nightmares.. for some reason.

C) Well the Crescents were in the Blood Bowl against the Grasshuggers according to the Grasshuggers team profile in the 2nd edition handbook, but in the same handbook there is a reference to the Orcland Raiders using 27 players on the pitch against the Crescents in the final.... You decide (personally I like the Crescents/Grasshuggers flavour)

* From 2503 (2003 'real time' the Blood Bowl champions are the team that won the real life Blood Bowl championship tournament