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Team Race Stadium Colours First Appeared In...
Acid Bay Shades Undead     Comp
Albion Assassins Dark Elf   Black Stars
Albion Wanderers Human   Red/Blue 2nd
Altdorf Acolytes Human Griswell Memorial Stadium   2nd
Artic Cragspiders Norse   Blue/White 2nd
Asgard Ravens Giant/Norse     2nd
Ashbane Vendettas Dark Elf     Comp
Ashton Villains       Stars
Ashvale Valar Elf     2nd
Athelorn Avengers Elf (Wood)   Red/Green / Green/Yellow 2nd
Bad Bay Hackers Human   Green/Yellow Novel 1
Badland Baddies       WD104
Bifrost Berserkers Giant     Comp
Bil Bali Archers Elf   Yellow/Red 2nd
Black Death Chaos Dwarf     Stars
Black Mountain Blades Dwarf     BBMAG9
Black Mountain Marauders       Comp
Black Sabbeths Vampire     BBMAG9
Black Widows Skeletons/Mummies/Trolls   Pink/Black DB
Blood Axes Human/Dwarf   Orange/Red DB
Bluchen Berserkers Norse   Red/White 2nd
Bluebay Crammers Halfling     2nd
Bright Crusaders Human   Yellow/Blue/White 2nd
Bruendar Grimjacks Human/Necromantic   Green/Orange 2nd
Bugmans Best Dwarf     3rd
Burn Lea       Stars
Caledor Dragons High Elf     3rd
Celestial Comets Elf   Blue Comp
Chaos All-Stars Chaotic Palace of Eternal Suffering Green/Red 1st
Champions of Death Undead Pain Park Black 1st
Champions of Law Mixed Good     1st
Codillian Clarions Elf   Yellow/Blue/White 2nd
Craggen Counts Vampire     1dz
Creeveland Crescents Human   Green/White 2nd
Cushing Hammer Necromantic     BBMAG9
Da Deff Skwad Orc     3rd
Daemonettes of Slaanesh Daemonic     Comp
Dar-Ellerath Beechtrees Elf     2nd
Dark Mountain Spiders Giant Spiders     Comp
Dark Renegades Dark Elf   Yellow/Black 2nd
Darkside Cowboys Dark Elf Darkside Cavern Blue/Yellow 1st
Deaths Heads Orc   Blue/Steel Grey 2nd
Death Wish Troll/Snotling   Black Stars
Doom Forgers Were/Dwarf/Halfling   White/Blue DB
Dragon Princes High Elf     3rd
Durums Destroyers Dwarf   Red/Yellow 2nd
Dwarf Anvils Dwarf   Green/Red 2nd
Dwarf Giants Dwarf Three Towers Stadium Grey/Dark Blue 1st
Dwarf Warhammerers Dwarf Dwarf Dome Grey/Yellow 2nd
Elfheim Eagles Elf (Pro) The Vale Purple/Orange 2nd
Everbold Unicorns Elf     2nd
Evil Gits Goblins/Humans   Black/Yellow 2nd
Fifth Column Tunnellers Skaven     Stars
Frozen Phantoms Undead     Stars
Galadrieth Gladiators Elf (High)   Blue/Red 2nd
Gnome Rangers Gnome?     WD102
Greenboyz Goblin     WD101
Green Destroyers Orc/Goblin/Troll   Green/Black DB
Green Face       Stars
Greenfield Grasshuggers Halfling Dinner Dome Dark Green/Golden Brown 2nd
Grey Rebels       Comp
Grey Shadows Human/Snotling/Ogre   Grey/Red DB
Grim Axebreakers       Stars
Grim Reapers Goblin/Skaven/Minotaur   Pink/Purple DB
Grudge Bearers Dwarf   Red/Blue 3rd
Gouged Eye Orc Doom Dome Red/White 2nd
Haffenheim Hornets       2nd
Halfbreed Hellraisers Half Orc     1st
Harlequins Human/Elf/Halfling   White/Red/Yellow/Blue DB
Heros of Law       2nd
Holy Crusaders       2nd
High Seas Surfriders Elf     Star
Icecastle Wolves Norse     2nd
Illuminated Seers of the Sacred Orb of Nuffle Dwarf Three Towers Stadium   2nd
Ironcrag Decimators Orc     2nd
Khains Killers Dark Elf   Black/Purple 2nd
Khornes Killers Chaos     3DZ
Kishargo Werebears Werebear/Human     1st
Knotinthem Forest       Stars
Laurelorn Lepers (yes, Leper)       Stars
Laurelorn Lightfooters Elf     WD101
Laurelorn Paladins Elf   Green/Yellow 2nd
Lieck H'Resh All-Sorts Human / Dwarf / Elf     1dz
Lorien Greens       WD101
Lowdown Rats Goblin Swampdome Black/Purple 2nd
Lustria Croakers Slaan/Lizardman     2nd
Marienburg Fishers Halfling     Stars
Middenheim Marauders Human Middenheim Arena Red/White 2nd
Mirkheim Mages       2nd
Mongrel Horde Mixed   Black/Purple 2nd
Moot Mighties Halfling     3DZ
Mortal Remains       Comp
Naggaroth Nightwings Dark Elf   Green/Red 2nd
Naggaroth Nightmares Dark Elf   Black/Purple 3rd
Nightmare Nufflers Undead     WD101
Nippon Nibblers Halfling     Stars
No Hawk Jets Giant/Snotling     2nd
Norsca Rampagers Norse   Blue/White 4th
Nurgles Rotters Nurgle   Yellow/Brown 2nd
Oakleaf Wanderers Druid     Comp
Oldheim Ogres Ogre   Red 2nd
Orcland Raiders Orc Skull Stadium Black/Yellow 2nd
Paravon Penetrators Human     WD101
Pergamo Pastas       comp
Phoenix Snotlings Snotling     Comp
Pinkfoot Panthers Halfling     2nd
Praag Changelings       Stars
Red-Nosed Bandits Dwarf     1DZ
Reikland Reavers Human Altdorf Oldbowl Blue/Yellow 2nd
Rotsdale       Stars
Sartosa Spleenrippers Orc     WD101
Scarcrag Snivellers Goblin     2nd
Scarfaced Scavengers Chaos Dwarf     Stars
Schaffen Stallions       2nd
Severed Heads Orc   Black/Yellow 2nd
Shiretown Stuffers Halfling     2nd
Shortstuff Scurriers Gnome     2nd
Shufflings Woodsday       Stars
Skaven(blight) Scramblers Skaven ? Red/Green White Dwarf 86
Spearcamp Chieftains       Comp
Southstorm Squids       2nd
SSSchHtt V'ggUYth Snakemen     WD86
Storm Bolts Orc/Skaven/Dark Elf   Amber/Brown DB
Streissen Vampires Vampire     2nd
Stunted Stoutfellows Halfling   Green/Yellow 2nd
Subterranean Slimeballs Nurgle     2nd
Tallow Candles Halfling     DB
The Hobgoblin Team Hobgoblin None! Green/Black 2nd
Timelords Human Mages     1DZ
Tjorwald Titans Giant     Comp
Tombstone Terrors Undead     Comp
Treetown Wolverines Human     Comp
Ulthuan Renegades Dark Elf   Yellow/Black 2nd
Underworld Creepers Skaven/Goblin   Black/Orange 2nd
Unsettled Sea Elves Elf (Sea)     2nd
Vynheim Valkyries Norse Longship Stadium Green/White 2nd
Warpfire Wanderers Skaven     Stars
War Hawks Orc/Snotling/Ogre   Silver/Yellow DB
Westside Werewolves Were/Necromantic   Red 2nd
White Bay Arrows Dark Elf     Stars
Worlds Edge Wanderers Dwarf   Green/Yellow 2nd
Wuppertal Wotans Human?     2nd
Zhar-Naggrund Ziggurats Chaos Dwarf   Blue/White 3rd