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Name (last, first) Race Title Team First Appeared In...
Ar-Lolovia, Prince Derren Dark Elf Owner Darkside Cowboys 2hb
Arrendil, Jevel ? Magic Co-Ordinator Southstorm Squids comp
Ashblade, Perellian Elf Coach Elfheim Eagles 2hb
Axeheim, 'Insane' Thorsson Dwarf Coach Dwarf Warhammerers 2hb
Batterman, Baldo "Berry" Halfling Commisoner of Mootland League - Novel 1
Bifford, Bob Human / Ogre Commentator - 1st
Blackpelt, Sandch Skaven Coach Skavenblight Scramblers 3rd
'Blaque' Dwarf Game Wizard - Novel 1
Captain Pegleg Haken Human Coach Bad Bay Hackers Novel 1
Clakkataulak Giant Spider Spider King / Team Owner Dark Mountain Spiders comp
Cruel-Eye Ogre Coach Orcland Raiders 2hb
Dennis Pig First ball - 2hb
Djimm Thorp Dwarf ? Commisioner - 2hb
Doomspider, Pogo Goblin Coach Lowdown Rats WD109
Dorian the Lost (Prince) ? Owner Chaos All-Stars 2hb
Durinsgold III, Thorn Dwarf Owner Dwarf Giants 2hb
Faceripper, King Ironclaw Orc Owner Orcland Raiders 2hb
Fatfellow, Berrybriar 'Bingo' Halfling Owner Greenfield Grasshuggers 2hb
Fleshbarb, Lance ? Coach Underworld Creepers stars
Fluegal the Foolish ? Mage - comp
Foodcraver, Drago Halfling Coach Greenfield Grasshuggers 2hb
Fullbelly, Slick Halfling Agent - Novel 1
Galante, Valahar Half-Elf Owner Elfheim Eagles 2hb
Gloam, Vimmy Human Coach Middenheim Marauders 2hb
Gold, Rakan   Owner Oldheim Ogres comp
Grafstein, Buddy Human Bloodweiser Chairman - 2hb
Griswell, DD Jnr Human Owner Reikland Reavers 2hb
Griswell, DD Snr Human Owner Reikland Reavers 2hb
Griswell, JJ Jnr Human Owner Reikland Reavers 2hb
Griswell, JJ Snr Human Owner Reikland Reavers 2hb
Gunther the Gobbo Goblin Leader of a Betting Syndicate - Novel 1
Hagg, Uthar Half-Orc Coach Middenheim Marauders 2hb
Hellhound, Jorge ? Commisioner - 2hb
Herzgerworden, Baron Kurt   Owner Black Mountain Marauders comp
Highcloud, Stormbrew Elf Magical Co-Ordinator Galadrieth Gladiators stars
Ironbender, Stanislav Dwarf Coach Worlds Edge Wanderers comp
Johnson, Jim Human / Vampire Commentator - 1st
Kaarg Orc Coach ? 1dz
Karrag, Farakhan Dwarf Coach Dwarf Giants 1st/2hb
Kindersnap, Gort ? Referee - WD111
Lannersann, Kalgan ? Coach Elfheim Eagles WD101
Marishel Dark Elf Sorcered (created Frank N Stein)   WD108
McDead, 'Mad' Jake Norse Coach Vynheim Valkyries 2hb
McGloan, Darun Human Referee - WD101
McStone, Man-Mangler Dwarf Engineer - WD114
Mittleman, Max 'Kneecap' Human Referee - WD111
Muller, 'Blind' Willy Human Coach Reikland Reavers 2hb
Mungk Orc Rediscoverer of BB - 1st
Murdrak, Ruprecht Human Owner of the Wolf Network - Novel 1
Nickson, Nick Human Commentator (former Lineman) - WD111
O'Maddin, Jocko ? Coach Tomstone Terrors comp
Organ, Pierce'd ? Editor of Spike!   BBMAG9
Three-Horn, Nikk ? Commisioner - 2hb
Pentel, Argvak ? Warlord - 2hb
Phlegmface, Big 'Ead Goblin Inventor Hired by Evil Gits comp
Rattlespear, Wilhelm ? Author - stars
Reaperbeard, Garlles Dwarf Runesmith - BBMAG9
Roze-El Dwarf Commisioner - 1st
Sever-limb, Gort Orc Coach Gouged Eye 2hb
Shawbrad-tut Mummy VP of the Wolf Network - Novel 1
Skullcrush XI, Emperor Orc Owner Gouged Eye 2hb
Skullcrush XIII, Gobsuck Orc Owner Gouged Eye 2hb
Slaver, Goran ? Coach Middenheim Marauders BBMAG9
Smith, Monetzuma Human Archaeologist - comp
Snivel, Hymie Goblin Owner / Coach Lowdown Rats 2hb
Snuffsniffer, Omo Halfling Coach Greenfield Grasshuggers 2hb
Starkloon, Emperor Mad Grull Hobgoblin Owner Hobgoblin Team 2hb
Starscraper, Galak Giant Eye in the Sky - 1st
Stranglegut, 'Slimy' Goblin Coach Evil Gits comp
Tomolandry the Undying ? Owner / Coach Champions of Death 2hb
Tuentir, Luxen Dark Elf Coach Darkside Cowboys 2hb
Vermouth, Royston ? Journalist - 2hb
Warring, Edd-E ? Apothecary - 1dz
Weisshaupt, Johann Human Coach Reikland Reavers 2hb
Whipdeath, Bargull ? Coach Evil Gits stars
'Whyte' Elf Game Wizard - Novel 1
Wiebchen, Lastiges Human Journalist - Novel 1
Wolfric, Gudrun Dwarf Coach Dwarf Giants 2hb
Wolfstab, Lefthand Orc Coach Orcland Raiders 2hb
Xiangruul Orcish Goddess Goddess of Football and Violent Death - 2r
Zauberer Human Member of a Betting Syndicate - Novel 1
Zwimmer, Helmut Human Coach Reikland Reavers 2hb