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Item/Spell Type What did it do? First Appeared
Amulet of Interception Item Converts missed throw attempts to interception attempts Comp
Armbands of Blocking Item Auto knocks over opponents when blocking Comp
Bomb Blast Spell Instead of making a block, 'throw' the spell, target player takes a st1 block and all players adjacent take a st0 block Comp
Boots of Heroic Leaping Item Allows the player to make a heroic leap or auto succeeds if he already has the skill Comp
Boots of Speed Item Double sprint characteristic Comp
Bracers of Smashing Item Auto knocks over opponents when blocking, opponent auto fails armour roll Comp
Cloud Jump Spell Gives target player Leap (level 3) and Heroic Leap Comp
Deathbringer Spell Random player is killed Comp
Elemental Breeze Spell Automatically succeeds a throw attempt Comp
Falriennes Amulet of Aerial Transport Item ? WD122
Fearmonger Spell No player will enter this players tackle zone for a turn Comp
Frightmonger Spell ? WD122
Flying Fist Spell 'Throw' a st2 block at target player Comp
Gauntlets of Catching Item Converts missed throw attempts to catches Comp
Gauntlets of Holding Item ? (possibly, player cannot have the ball knocked or stripped out his hands) WD122
Gloves of Tackling Item Automatic defender knocked over result on the tackle table Comp
Grabbit Spell Automatically intercepts the ball Comp
Gravel Storm Spell ALL opponents take a st0 block Comp
Helm of Distraction Item -4 to kick or throw the ball in this players tackle zone Comp
Headband of Throwing Item Converts missed throw attempts to caught result or interceptions to a missed result Comp
Jansens Jacket of Ethereal Movement Item ? WD122
Karadums Boots of Heroic Leaping Item ? WD122
Lightning Strike Spell Target takes a strength 3 block and will auto fail armour with a +3 to the injury roll Comp
Lucky Rabbits Foot Item Gives the player one player re-roll Comp
Magic Helmet Item Gives the player +1 to armour 3rd
Meltdown Spell Caster explodes taking an injury roll with +4 to the roll straight away, and all adjacent players take a st4 tackle Comp
Mind Blow Spell Automatically KO's the target player if they're hit Comp
Muscle Boost Spell Gives the caster Long Kick (level 4) and Long Throw for the turn Comp
Mushroom Spell Mushrooms grow on the opponents half of the field, exploding and releasing poisonous spores the KO immediately Comp
Old Faithful Spell Oppositions MA is cut in half (round down), they may not sprint and the ball can't be thrown or kicked for that turn. Comp
Pals Spell Ignore Racial dislikes on the team Comp
Quagmire Spell Target player loses tackle zone and may not block or tackle for that turn Comp
Ring of Invulnerability Item Player automatically passes all armour rolls Comp
Sandals of Leaping Item Allows the wearer to leap over prone players automatically Comp
Speed Burst Spell Castwer gains d6 MA for the turn Comp
Unseen Shield Spell Knocks the ball out the air at the designated spot Comp