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Frequently Asked Questions
This section aims to answer those questions regarding the site and Blood Bowl flavour in general that are often asked whether to me directly or on various forums.

Website Questions
Q) Why are some players and teams listed in Blood Bowl magazines etc not on the site?
A) There's one of two answers to this, the first is simply that I haven't gotten round to adding them, whether due to not owning the magainze or book the article is in or just not having gotten round to it. The other answer is that it's not what I class as 'cannon fluff'

Q) Cannon fluff?
A) Yup, basically official fluff/flavour/background. If it's in a GW released rulebook or expansion then it's what I class as official, if it's something someone has written for a magazine which isn't an official rule then it's not official :) So if it's an official rule or official publication then it's cannon (eg, the forthcoming Blood Bowl novel, or the latest LRB), if it's a house rule or experimental then it's not (eg, an article for Sea Dwarves in Fanatic Magazine by a 'normal' person or an experimental rule in the vault to add wombles to the game by Jervis). Oh, I don't class my own personal Did You Knows as cannon fluff, so any players and teams found there will not be listed as players etc.

Q) So what's the difference between fluff, flavour and background?
A) Nothing, it's simply three terms for the same thing.

Q) Are you going to make the site sortable, for example so I can see all the players for the Reikland Reavers?
A) Erm.. yeah... At some point... When I learn how to :)

Blood Bowl Questions
Q) So what world is Blood Bowl based in? Warhammer, 40k, earth?
A) Well, contrary to popular belief none of the above. Blood Bowl exists in it's own alternative Warhammer Fantasy universe, one where chainsaws, grenades and Chaos can find themselves welcomed into the middle of Altdorf. And that's straight from Jervis's mouth.

Q) Where are the rules for elementals, half-orcs etc, I only have the normal humans, orcs and what not in my LRB.
A) Some of these races were only mentioned in the background as playing Blood Bowl, others were no longer updated to the latest version of the rules and are no longer official. For a list of unofficial rules for most of the races mentioned then visit :

Q) Are Morg N'Thorg and Morg'th N'Hthrog the same Ogre?
A) Yup, the spelling changed from 2nd edition to 3rd edition, it's the same lovable Ogre ;) And for the record he also has two brothers, Borg'th N'Hthrog whose stats appeared in 2nd edition and Grunn'k M'mthrog who was mentioned in a 2nd edition DYK.

Q) What race are the Evil Gits?
A) Tricky one... In 1st edition they were simply a collection of all the evil players (Dark Elves, Ogres, Trolls, Minotaurs, Goblins, Orcs, Half Orc etc etc), in second edition they became a full goblin team and in 3rd edition and beyond they became a human team. Personally I like to think of them as a human/goblin team that has at points had all the goblins or humans wiped out and thus only been able to field humans or goblins for some seasons.

Q) Chaos Dwarf Firethrowers were mentioned in 2nd edition Star Players but there were never any stats for them, do you know what they are?
A) None what so ever... It may have been a throwback to a copy/paste from an old Warhammer army list or simply rules that existed in play test but were never added to the final version but they forgot to delete the reference to them. I dunno....

Q) And the asterisk next to Soaren Hightowers throwing skill in the same star players book?
A) Again, no idea... I always thought it was in reference to the fluff that Hightower and Lyrpadre had an 'almost telepathic link' together thus giving Hightower a +4 TS when passing to Lyrpadre... I could be way out of course, I'll bug Jervis Johnson one of these days about it :D