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This was a collection of Did You Knows I wrote for fun in an old forum thread, I guess it was the inspiration for the site as it got me realising how many people love the fluff. None of this is 'official' unless it appeared in the background later on!

Did You know...

That several big name teams (including the Raiders and All-Stars) have offered the Orcish amateur side the 'Evil Eye' large sums of gold and slaves for the latest Orc sensation Triglak Mulanex (great-great grandson of the legendary Ramstalon Mulanex).

Mulanex impressed many pundits and teams as he single handedly knocked the Elfheim Eagles out of the Blood Bowl last year with a ground shattering twelve casualties, two touchdowns and breaking Zugs record for "Number of opponents bitten in a match". Here's hoping we see him on the major fields soon!

That the special Charity event held last year for retired Blood Bowlers was remarkably marred by only one violent incident. The long bomb contest ended up with a confrontation between Jerimia Kool and Valen Swift in the finals.

After a month long war and over 10,000 casualties the armies of Naggaroth and Ulthuan withdrew from the grassy field where the charity event was taken place. Sadly the Halfling cook off competition didn't manage to take place.

That the Witch Elf team 'Deadly Nightshades' own two remarkable records, not only do they hold the record for most consecutive games played to a full stadium, they have also never been refused a game?.

While the coaches of the opposition may claim that it's because they never refuse a challenge or are always willing to help out young ladies in need. We here at the Did You Know office can't help but think it might be because of those long black boots and revealing uniforms that bring the crowds and opponents in... Not that we've ever watched a Nightshade game on CabalVision you understand...

That the shortest career of a Blood Bowl player was 'Slim' Th'im Tearer at 3.7 seconds for the Chaos All-Stars.

This Chaos Warrior had an unfortunate mutation that gave him more than a passing resemblance to everyones favourite Dragon Warrior - Prince Moranion. This would have been bad enough, had it not been for some comments the Prince had made on CabalVision the night before about Morgs personal hygiene and fashion sense.

So Morg, having seen the 'Prince' enter the All-Stars training ground for his first practice session with his new team proceeded to get his kicking techniques upto scratch. With poor Th'ims head.

That this years hottest rivalry doesn't appear to be Morg v Moranion, Raiders v Eye or the Warhammerers v Every Official.. But Reaver v Reaver as Oberwald v Kehry!.

That's right folks! The son of the legendary Harry "The Hammer" Kehry - Joe Kehry - has been signed for the upcoming season by the Reavers. Could this be a sign of an aging Oberwald soon to be replaced? Kehry is an awesom up and coming blitzer much as Oberwald was a decade ago, and with rumours that Oberwald might still be hurting from that broken ankle he suffered earlier in the year (and do you remember who caused it trivia fans?) it looks like Joe Kehry could be getting thrust into the spotlight on his debut against the Grasshuggers.

That last years award for "Strangest reason for a called off match" went to the Skavenblight Scramblers and the Cripple Peak Warphunters when the game was called off due to "Excessive Tunneling!". So many Skaven turned up for the match that the majority had to be turned away at the gates, so the Skaven did what any self respecting mutated, 5 foot tall rat would do... They dug underground to try and sneak into the stadium.

When the opening kickoff arrived, the ground underneath was so unstable that the entire pitch collapsed (inflicting 14 casualties, 8 of which were fatalities). The Warphunters suffered the worst of the damage, but even the Scramblers couldn't put the team back together in time for the Blood Bowl championship

That previous to his career as a Blood Bowler, Orcland Raiders blitzer - Killgate Fangpaste was a Dentist. Admittedly his oral hygiene techniques weren't quite the same as those in the empire (a punch in the mouth to get rid of a loose tooth for example), but his art of removing peoples teeth extended to the pitch where he currently holds the Blood Bowl record for "Most teeth removed in a game".

Killgate has recently been offered a sponsorship deal to create his own brand of toothpaste, filled with bits of broken glass, goblin bones and the hair from the armpits of a female troll.

We can hardly wait...

That Hanse Kohl holds the record for most players sent off in a match with a maximum of 32 players! It happened in a grudge match between the Gouged Eye and Dwarf Warhammerers in 2474 (Trivia Fans remember these two faced each other in Blood Bowl XIII in 2473). This record is made all the more remarkable considering the two teams history of 'removing' referees that interfere with the game plan of said teams.

And the reason the ref got away with sending all the players off? The day before he had been refereeing a Nurgles Rotters vs. Decaying Disorder in the Putrid Stump Trophy quarter finals and had contracted Nurgles Rot.

Sadly Hanse never managed to referee another match afterwards as his arms fell off (then his legs, heads, tentacles....) though he will be known for his famous post match interview when he managed to infect fourteen news reporters and one cabalvision cameraman.

That in the classic 2466 season, a Blood Bowl semi-final match between the Vynheim Valkyries (now the Norsca Rampagers) and the Dwarf Warhammerers was abandoned with 12 seconds remaining to be played! The Valkyries were 2-1 up, with two players left on the field, it looked inevitable that the Warhammerers would get a tying score and take the game into overtime, until...

'Singed' Whiskers McDaniel of the Warhammerers, infuriated that two Valkyries remained, brought out a flame thrower onto the packed ice pitch to finally remove them. Despite pleas from the Valkyries, Fans, Ref and even his own team, he let rip with a burst of flame.

As the referee (and Valkyries, fans and Warhammerers) sank to the bottom of the ice cold sea, the last thing that could be heard was the signal of an abandoned game from his whistle.

The NAF had no option but to award the match to the Valkyries, who went on to face the Champions of Death in the final with many key players at the bottom of the North sea. The Champs ran away with the match, easily winning 3-0.

That the Lowdown Ratz experimented in training this year with a new player. A giant black Warg! The wolf, ate six first team players, seriously injured another four, crippled the apothecary and ran away into the swamps with the only ball the Ratz have effectively ending any chance of a Blood Bowl final appearance... Not that they had a Halflings hope in Khornes bathroom anyway.
That star player for the Chaos All-Stars - Duke Luthor Von Hawkfire is currently on his fourth incarnation! He was last killed in the infamous 2496 blood bath between the All-Stars and the Ziggurats that ended the careers of 11 players between them, but as anyone knows... You can't keep a good (evil?) All-Star down for long. And Hawkfire was back for the next season, lobbing those balls down the field with barely a hint of rust on that chaos armour.

That in the top twenty for fatalities last year, was none other than a ball! That's right folks, in a game between the Goblin team 'Bogswamp Sticks' and the Halfling 'Redcheek Puffers' the ball in play became a focus point for a Chaos Sorcerer summoning a Blood Thirster daemon (actually, the ball wasn't intended to become the focal point, he just misplaced the target by a dozen or so miles).

The ball immediately became possesed by the raging daemon of Khorne and went at both teams before being banished by a local priest. When the dust settled, there were 22 players lying face down on the pitch dead by the daemonic ball of Khorne (ahem).

The All-Stars have so far denied all rumours of them offering a contract to the ball in hopes that it will become another focal point for the daemon.

That the record for the 'most amount of interceptions in a single game' was broken last season! In a game between the Wood Elf 'Athelorn Avengers' and the Dwarven 'Firebrand Ingots'. Dwarven blitzer 'Obler Stonewield' ended the match with an amazing 11 interceptions!

The Wood Elves lodged a complaint with the officials about 'tossing heavy balls', but the referee took the phrase the wrong way and chose to ignore them. It later transpired that the balls had been filled with small chunks of iron and Stonewield has been wearing powerful magnets in his armour to attract the balls as they flew in midair. The record however stood.

That the 2503 season seen the retirment of one of Blood Bowls favourite killers?

Nobbla Blackwart after 8 great seasons freebooting between teams finally hung up the chainsaw - Choppy. Choppy was a great chainsaw having lopped off more heads than any other chainsaw in history (including a massive 14 decapitations in 2501 against the Icecastle Wolves).

Whether it was rain, snow, sun or a perfect day, ol' Choppy would always be guaranteed to start and give the fans something to cheer at. Thank you Choppy, your services to Blood Bowl will not be forgotten!

Sadly for the rest of us however, Nobbla Blackwart continues to infest the Blood Bowl pitch with his new chainsaw 'Rippy'.

That this seasons big name signing was Half Orc - Dravik Break'em. He went from the Marauders to the Raiders for a whopping 250,000 gold in the summer after a massive bustup with the Marauders head coach.

Break'ems passing talents had become legendary and his ability to pinpoint an open receiver from 70 paces helped the Marauders to reach the Mithril Spike Semi finals last year. The Raiders have been desperately needing a chucker since the retirment of Grishnak Goblinthrottler a few years back.

Of course, where Dravik Break'em goes, so does his wife - the Witch Elf - Hak'tore'ea Break'em with her.. errr... singing 'talents' that she insists on subjecting the local populance to. Still, she should find a bunch of Snotlings in the Orcland swamps a nice audience

That last years award for 'Longest Range Kill' went to Troll player Burk BigBladder (reportedly Bork BulgeBelly's second cousin). In a game between the Snotling side - Little Scythes (Burks team) and the Elven Oslon Whirlwind which took place high on a mountain top.

Just as Burk went to throw one of his teammates 'Grubby Mushbrain' the Whirlwinds mage summoned a strong wind to disrupt the pass. The Snotling got caught in the wind and went flying off the pitch and down the mountain...

...Straight into a pitch which was built at the bottom of the mountain. Sadly Grubby landed ontop of a player that was rushing for a game winning touchdown, killing both of them instantly.

That there is another war going on to reach the Blood Bowl final, and this one isn't by the teams!

The half time entertainment was originally scheduled to be sung by Khemrian Mummy 'Ma-rah-ah Khemri', but she pulled out at the last moment with missing vocal cords. This has led to a heated debate by many over who should replace her. The top three choiced currently are the fomer Orcland Raiders cheerleader 'Bite-me Speerz', the little Skink sensation 'Shakirikiki' and the Ogress that wears little for the imagination 'Crushtina Argh'you'lehra'.

Whoever eventually gets the halftime show, you can be assured of one thing... The fans will still riot!

That this seasons first wiped out team are the "Summermeadow Satsumas". The wipe out was completed in the half time break of the match between the Satsumas and the Troll team "Huurrrglagalgaaargh!!" (well strictly speaking, the teams name is "that sound you make when you're sick"). Star Troll blocker Bogbref Wartnose, took the phrase "Half time oranges" too literally and promptly went over and consumed the remaining Satsuma team members. In an interview with ABC, Bogbref simply said 'Dey werez easy peel...'.

What a guy!

That the former Skink international 'Diegi Marateenie' has been attempting to come out of retirment. Sadly the little Skink wonder that dazzled us all with his amazing dodges and runs in the 2486 Blood Bowl season for the Lustria Croakers has almost trippled in weight and now resembles a little green pudding due to his sugar cane addiction.

Running up huge debts (rumour has it he that he challenged Tzeentch to a game of dice), Diegi has been forced to recover his career to get his finances in order. If the Skink can clean up his sugar cane addiction then perhaps he'll be a surprise star of this season. But will anyone be willing to sign him for the huge fee he's demanding?

That the highly anticipated Artic Cragspiders vs. Norsca Rampagers match was sadly abandoned after only three minutes? As the Cragspiders recieved the ball from the opening kickoff and started to make there way down the pitch, the unthinkable happened as a polar bear ran onto the icey pitch!

But that wasn't what caused the match to be abandoned. Quickly following the polar bear in hot (cold?) pursuit was a flock of angry, angry penguins. As the penguins ran onto the pitch they pecked at everyone and anyoen standing nearby, the only player to come out unscathed was the Cragspiders star Minotaur Stamphoof Horngore.

When asked afterwards how he was the only player to come out unscathed, a rather frozen and tooth chattering Stamphoof replied "I just p-p-picked up a penguin and ate it...". Stamphoof currently leads this seasons Penguin Fatality list.

That many of todays top music bands owe Blood Bowl a thank you for the success of there songs?. With tunes such as 'Give It Away (before he blocks me)' and 'Under the Pitch', the Halfling quartet of the Slighty Warm Sticky Buns are one of the favourites as is the Backdoor Orcz.

But the all time greats of the Blood Bowl music world are 'Queek' the famous Skaven foursome wth the ever eccentric Freaky Mercury as the lead singer, there top hits include 'Fat Bottomed Ogres' , 'Chain Your Mummies Down' and the ever fan favourite 'We Will (chuck a) Rock at You'.

That along with the on field rivalry between the Marauders and Reavers, the off field rivalry has stepped up with both teams signing sponsorhip deals with rival 'mobile communication' companies.

The Reavers have signed with Mogreola that believes that using an Ogre to chuck a snotling holding a message is the way forward in mobile communications, while the Marauders are now sponsored by Vodorcfone, who have hedged there bets on having a Black Orc beside you to shout your message to the recipitent.

As a side note, did you also know that Vodorcfone has signed up the former Greenfield Grasshugger 'Grumble' Luke to be there spokesman, the Halfling was sacked from the Grasshuggers after his secret gambling habit cost the Grasshuggers the Sticky Bun trophy against the Bluebay Crammers last year.

That Bob Bifford has been suspended from commentating the opening game of the season for 'excessive violence'. That's right fans, he was a guest commentator at the Sticky Bun trophy last year between the Greenfield Grasshuggers and Bluebay Crammers, he made a passing comment that the stadium lacked 'a nice pair of tasty buns' and the place erupted!

As the Halflings rioted upon hearing there were no buns for sale, the whole of Altdorf was shaken to the core as Halfings tore down bakeries and sweet shops in protest. When the calm settled there were 74 fatalities (including 4 shop keepers and a baker), Bob Bifford was ordered by the NAF to serve a suspension of the first game and pay the effected shopkeepers a large portion of his first match pay of the season (which rumours say comes in at a 6 figure sum!).

Bifford only commented that he'd never commentate another Sticky Bun trophy as he 'couldn't even get me 'ands on a pair of juicy melons after the game'... Presumably the Halflings got the greengrocers as well.

That a shocking 172 Snotlings were killed on the pitch last year, an increase of 10% from the previous year. So next time you take to the turf, remember folks... A Snotlings not for a season, hopefully you can stick the boot into it at the first game and get a 20% increase in Snotling fatalities for this year.
That the all Minotaur team 'The Calves of Chainspleen' (who for you trivia fans are all directly descended from legendary Minotaur Madbull Chainspleen) are the only team to be barred from every stadium in the world! The teams notorious blood greed has caused more fan fatalities and stadium personnel fatalities than any other single team (including the Rotters!) in fact the team isn't strictly a team anymore since they ate the head coach, assistant coaches, apothecary, cheerleaders, rat on a stick seller, waterboy and the team owner after the last match. Still that hasn't stopped them being the top selling team on Cabalvisions Pay-Per-Violence broadcasts, a fact no doubt helped by the teams tendency to devour anything moving in the stadium... and frequently things that aren't.