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This site has been in development in my head for a long time :) But only now have I finally gotten it 'down on paper'. I'm a lover of the game Blood Bowl, and while my ability and skill at the game aren't too hot, I love the background surrounding the game. From the very first time I read the history of Blood Bowl I was hooked to the whole feel of the game. The site is deliberately 'low-tec' to allow the quickest load time possible, I figure you're only wanting the info contained within, you don't really need a pile of graphics to slow things down, however I do reccomend for Blood Bowl art and miniature painting, so check it out if you want pics of some of the famous teams and players mentioned in this site.

So this is my little thank you to the world of Blood Bowl, a central depository of all things fluff and flavour related to the game, from the most obscure players to the most famous of teams with (hopefully) everything in between. I fully expect this site to never get properly finished, there's always something extra I can add from the many publications (and at the time of writing there's a Blood Bowl novel coming out which I'm sure will be filled with more names and facts than I could ever want!) that have been released over the last 25 years or so that Blood Bowl has been in this world.

In the meantime, check back every now and then for updates to the site, and I'd also like to recommend the following sites and thank the following people :)

Good BB Sites: :: The best Fantasy Football forums out there. :: Official Blood Bowl website from the folks at GW :: Want to see old miniatures painted and all the old 1st and 2nd edition artwork? This is the site to visit :: The website of the NAF, join up to get blocking dice and access to cheaper tourneys and other stuff :: Galaks website of all things Blood Bowl, possibly the most comprehensive BB website out there. :: The Mongols Yurt, the site of Djengis_Khan featuring his painted models. :: Interested in collecting Blood Bowl miniatures from all editions? This is the site for it!

Major kudos goto...
DoubleSkulls, Narkotic, gken1, Galak Starscraper, traveller, Djengis Khan, Dave, Grotemius, Redfang, Hoomin Erra, Grumbledook, Khenian, Torg, Torpor, Nazgit, Mordredd and of course Jervis Johnson, Andy Hall and Marc Gascoigne

Contact me:
PM on the TalkFantasyFootball forums, username "Ithilkir"

Hope you enjoyed the site!

Ithilkir- 7th Jan, 2012